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Why choose our 4-Week Trial Program?


Most of the Metropolitan Music Academy programs are based on 30-week academic calendar. The 4-Week Trial Program is offered to all new prospective students

who wish to try and explore our program before committing to a full academic year.


Why do we offer a 4-Week trial period?

We believe in growing relationships and music education as means to

understanding and developing each individual's way of expression.

Through the 4-week course of lessons, the teacher is able to give a thorough evaluation of each student's learning style and musical understanding.

In addition, the extended trial time allows for both student and teacher to evaluate the progress and the potential.

Metropolitan Music Academy is proud of  its highly qualified and experienced faculty members and our programs were designed to push boundaries in instrumental learning experience for its students.


The 4-Week Trial Program offers an option to include a Metropolitan Salon Society pass to be used during the student's trial period.

This is our mission project, and an exclusive opportunity for the students to invite

classical music into their lives.  

Each event is unique and personalized by our faculty artists, and it is as simple and fun as inviting musicians to give an afternoon concert for your family!

   Learn More  about Metropolitan Salon Society experience.  

   Contact Us  for any questions about our programs.

*We are pleased to offer a phone interview appointment with the school director for advisement on our programs and instructor assignment for each new student.

(Please fill out the Application Form to request a phone interview.)

**To sign up for 4-Week Trial Program, simply fill out the Application Form online.

       (Mention 4-Week Trial Program' on the comments box.) 

Fill out an Application Form

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