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Metropolitan Salon Society

Our Mission

Metropolitan Salon Society strives to serve as an ambassador of the arts by turning classical music into a celebration and interactive dialogue experience. By connecting our wide network of performing artists with local and global audiences, we foster unique, intellectual and welcoming environment that brings people together to experience and share the highest possible standards of cultural stimulation.

The Metropolitan Salon Society values the dialogue between the music and its listeners. We are here to create unique opportunities and limitless possibilities of musical sharing for the modern society. Each Metropolitan Salon event is up close and personal with the collaboration of our exclusive performing artists. We create an welcoming environment where everyone can connect and share the experience by creating and nourishing relationship with the musicians on a personal level. We aim to inspire and stimulate the widest audience possible through intellectual exchange and elite entertainment form.


We would like to welcome you to explore the salon experiences.  Each and every Metropolitan Salon event is special and unique in its own way. We curate each Salon event to meet its purpose and nature. The character of a Metropolitan Salon event can range from a smaller private settings such as an afternoon tea gathering or a private family concert event, to a semi-private setting such as a fund-raising event, or a corporate special event. 

We are here to help design and make your very own exclusive Salon event come to life.

Contact us to become a Metropolitan Salon Society member.  

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