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At-Home Private Instrumental Lessons

The programs are based on 32-week academic calendar.

Based on the application information, and through an interview with the director or the faculty advisor members, the school assigns two private instructors for each student taking weekly instrumental lessons. Two instructors (a primary instructor & a secondary instructor) are assigned to ensure the consistency of the lesson schedule. The school takes pride in its experienced and supportive faculty members, and works closely together with the parents to help find the right teacher for each student.

Additional Weekly Optional Classes


All additional weekly classes are held privately.  The lesson plans are curated for each student and their needs. Any of the optional classes may be added to existing programs.

  • Ensemble Class:

The students at Metropolitan Music Academy are given the opportunity to learn and take part in chamber ensemble groups. Ensemble Class can also be used for accompaniment training for piano students.

The students may enroll as a group, or the school can assist in forming an ensemble group with students of appropriate age and level.

Thank you for your interest in Metropolitan Music Academy.


Registration guidelines:

  • New students:           Submit an Application       online, or schedule a phone interview to find out more about the school programs and our instructors. 

  • Returning students:           Register online to enroll in our summer programs and Fall/Spring programs. You may register at any time.

  • The Metropolitan Music Academy welcomes students of all ages and levels.

  • New students may sign up for 4-Week Trial Program.

  • Music Theory & Ear Training Class:

A weekly, 40-minute extensive private tutoring of music theory & ear training. Our music theory instructors provide tailored progressive lesson plan for each student.  

  • Music History Class:

Understanding music history is essential to appreciating the music and its culture. Through the private setting of our music history classes, the students learn the history and culture behind classical music through interactive teaching approach by our teachers. 40-minute weekly classes.

  • Music Appreciation Class:

Each 45-minute weekly Music Appreciation Class combines the Music Theory Class and Music History Class to provide a deeper knowledge and understanding of music. 


Metropolitan Music Academy offers opportunity for its students to experience the core project of the school: Metropolitan Salon Society. Each Metropolitan Salon Society Pass serves as a ticket to a private concert. The concert will be given by artists and faculty advisors of Metropolitan Music School. Each and every Met Salon concert is unique in its program and approach. During the 45-60 minute program, the artist musicians perform and interact with audience. The Metropolitan Salon Society Pass allows the students to experience live music performance on a personal level, and expands their musical horizon. The Metropolitan Salon concerts are held at student's homes, unless otherwise arranged. 

Metropolitan Salon Society Pass is included in Virtuoso Program, Artist Program, Mom & I program, and Adult Program. Additional Metropolitan Salon Society Pass may be added to any program.

  Learn more  about Metropolitan Salon Society!

Independent Class Enrollment


Students who are not currently taking weekly instrumental lessons may sign up for independent private classes.

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