Our Mission

The Metropolitan Music Academy is committed to inspiring an appreciation for classical music among its students, while nurturing a lifelong relationship with the study. By offering unique and extensive program options, the academy dedicates itself to fostering a successful learning environment that invites its students to thrive. 

Vision & Values

To offer an enriched learning experience that leads to a lifetime of cultural and intellectual stimulation, while facilitating a deep appreciation for and support of classical music. 

  • Excellence

The Metropolitan Music Academy is an institution of continued learning and growth, together with its highly qualified faculty. The school adheres to a high standard of excellence, and takes great pride in the expectations it sets for itself and its students. 

  • Musicianship

By guiding each student to build strong foundation and skill on their instrument, the school fosters musicianship that is defined by deeper understanding and knowledge based on the student's personality.

  • Artistry

The Metropolitan Music Academy encourages artistically inspiring learning environment by providing performance opportunities and close relationships with its experienced and dedicated performing artist faculty. 

  • Individuality

Each student who enters Metropolitan Music Academy is seen as an individual and encouraged to discover their potential. The school prepares each student to develop confidence and imagination while challenging the mind through their musical studies.  

  • Collaboration

The conversation and positive interaction between student and teacher is the heart of our philosophy. By offering innovative programs and teaching methods, the school promotes a community where the students are well connected with classical music in various aspects. By incorporating the Metropolitan Salon Society, the school promises its students and the audience a step closer to the stage and the performing artists.

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