Metropolitan Music Academy

The Metropolitan Music Academy was created to instill a love for classical music among a broad community of learners. With the support of its experienced and dedicated faculty artists, the Academy focuses on cultivating a music-positive environment, where collaboration, high standard of performance, and cultural inspiration are encouraged. The school offers diverse and extensive programs to promote multi-dimensional music approach to provoke musicality and individuality in each student. 

The Academy boasts an extensive network of teachers in the New York metropolitan area including Manhattan and Brooklyn, Westchester County (NY), Bergen County (NJ), and Greenwich (CT).  Our dedicated faculty members hold an advanced degree in their field, including Masters of Music degree and Doctor of Music degree from notable conservatories and universities across the country, and also are actively performing artists. In order to maintain the highest educational and artistic standards throughout the school programs and its community, Metropolitan Music Academy keeps a highly selective roster.  

Each student's experience is carefully tailored from the very beginning by interacting with the school director and faculty advisors through an interview process. Initial phone interview may

lead to an in-person interview to understand the need and personality of the student. The school assigns instructors based on the level, preference, and learning style of each student. The school values a close relationship between the parent, the student, and the teacher, and takes pride in guiding each student to the right teacher. 

The Metropolitan Music Academy's programs include at-home weekly private lessons for instruments including violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, and piano. Some programs include performance classes, student recitals and pass to our exclusive mission project Metropolitan Salon Society.  The Metropolitan Salon Society pass is introduced to the students of the school through selected programs to provide opportunity for collaboration and to provoke deeper understanding and appreciation for classical music, thus keeping classical music as a lifetime companion. 

 The Metropolitan Music Academy is supported by Steinway & Sons, and is a member of Steinway Educational Partnership Program.  

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